Prevention is Better than Cure. Protect Your Digital Infrastructure with Symlex Layer Before It’s too late.

Hackers & scammers are always there to take advantage of your vulnerabilities. Integrating Symlex Layer with your network will protect you from any kind of potential security breaches.


What is Threat Prevention

   Device Protection

   Network Protection

   Resource Protection

Threat prevention is a set of preventive measures against any potential security attack. It includes blocking suspicious sites, hiding IPs, specifying access for different departments, etc. It mitigates the possibility of hacking attempts, breaching attacks, and hacking. With Symlex Layer, you can take all these precautions with a single click.

Benefits of Threat Prevention
How does it improve your Team's Threat Prevention

Stress-free Work Environment

As you have already taken the threat prevention steps, your team won’t need to be stressed about security breaches and will be more productive within a safe environment.

Build Trust

A lot of organizations faced reputation crises because of security breaches. When your network is secured, people will trust you easily, and it will build a strong brand value in the long run.

Data Security

With threat prevention measures, your data will pass through a secured tunnel, be stored in your own servers, and your data will be safe from any kind of unauthorized access.

Network Security

Take control over your network system before hackers find the vulnerability. With threat prevention features, your database, web gateways, firewalls, cloud access, etc will safe from any third party intervention.


In 2021, Amazon lost 877 million USD because of security breaches. The next sufferer could be your company. So, investing a few dollars in corporate security can save millions of dollars.

Ease the Compliance Procedure

Compliance certifications like GDPR, HIPPA, ISO-27001, etc are required to build trust and earn recognition. You will easily get the compliance certificate if you take security measures with a corporate VPN.

How Remote Access
Network Works

A remote access system starts working with user authentication. It will authenticate the user with the access credentials provided by the company.

It will create a secure tunnel between the users and the internet just like a regular VPN, but instead of connecting to random servers like a personal VPN, it will connect the users to specified servers of the organization.

After authentication, the remote access feature will give role-specific access to different users. For example, an executive lavel employee can’t access to a manager-level resource.

You can block specific websites or application access if you find it threatening or unnecessary for your network. It can be a social media, app, or random website.

Get the answers you need
to make the switch

You can create member ID and delete it from your admin dashboard based on your subscription plan. Feel free to contact our support team if you face any difficulties.

Yes, you can check the activity log if you are the admin.

You can change the email of a member from your admin dashboard.

Yes, you can switch between dynamic and static IP if you have multiple server.

You can connect only one device from a single Symlex Layer account. However, you can choose customized subscription plan if you need to use multiple device with a single account. Feel free to contact our support team for more details.


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Symlex Layer VPN revolutionized our remote operations with robust security and seamless connectivity. Easy setup and responsive support boosted our productivity and ensured secure communications. Highly recommend for enhancing remote work infrastructure.

Ibn Md. Abu Saleh Khosru
CTO, Symlex VPN

Switching to Symlex Layer VPN improved our IT infrastructure with unmatched reliability and speed. Its encryption ensures data safety, enabling effective international collaboration. Ideal for businesses prioritizing security and efficiency.

S.M. Nazmul Hasan
Founder & CEO , Kolpolok

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Shaikh Maruf Hossen
Business Development Manager , Spinytel Private Limited

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You can purchase it from our website directly or you can contact us to purchase it manually.

No, we use fast and secure protocol and encryption technology in Symlex Layer so that your internet connection remains fast when you are connected to VPN.

Feel free to contact us for a free trial here.

It depends on your subscription plan. You are requested to contact us for details.

Symlex Layer is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

No, we maintain a strict no-log policy to ensure your ultimate security.

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