Connect your team & secure your online resources

Next-Gen Business Cyber Security
Solution to Protect Your Digital Assets

Multi-functional VPN Solution to Safeguard

   Your Business Network: Smart, Fast, & Easy

Individual Access Security

  • Protect against any kind of breach or hacking attempt
  • Secure access through public Wi-Fi or shared IP through IP masking

Company Access Security

  • Have control over the access to company resources by different employees
  • Unify different devices from different locations into a single network

Facilitate Your Compliance Procedure

  • Store your data in your private server to protect against breaches
  • End-to-end encryption to protect your data from any third-party access

Build a Military-Grade
Network Security System for Your Business with Symlex Layer

Looking for a reliable VPN solution for your Business? Leverage the Symlex Layer exclusive features to unify and secure all your company resources into a single network. Manage resource access, access geo-specific content, mask your IP, and many more within a few minutes.


Two-factor authentication

AES 256-bit




Smart Remote




The "Symlex Layer" Helps Alleviate

   Concerns About Internet Threats in Office Duties

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It’s time to be in charge of your digital world with Symlex Layer. Specify resource access according to position, oversee how everything is going on, and remove the overhead of security breaches.

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It’s time to facilitate your resource and employee management with Symlex Layer. Supercharge your productivity while we are taking care of your digital resources and making everything easier for you.

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It’s time to focus on your work instead of the continuous pressure of security issues. Say goodbye to stress, enjoy a seamless browsing experience, and bring out the best for your company.                 

Safeguarding the Future: Empowering the Generation
with Cyber security as its
Top Priority


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Securing Global Growth:
Protecting the Fastest Growing Companies

Symlex Layer VPN revolutionized our remote operations with robust security and seamless connectivity. Easy setup and responsive support boosted our productivity and ensured secure communications. Highly recommend for enhancing remote work infrastructure.

Ibn Md. Abu Saleh Khosru
CTO, Symlex VPN

Switching to Symlex Layer VPN improved our IT infrastructure with unmatched reliability and speed. Its encryption ensures data safety, enabling effective international collaboration. Ideal for businesses prioritizing security and efficiency.

S.M. Nazmul Hasan
Founder & CEO , Kolpolok

Symlex Layer enabled our flexible work transition with a user-friendly interface, robust security, minimal latency, and high reliability. Exceptional customer support ensures secure global access. Highly recommend for safeguarding remote workforce data.

Shaikh Maruf Hossen
Business Development Manager , Spinytel Private Limited

Help Center: FAQ
and Customer Support

Symlex Layer is a corporate VPN solution that secures your business network system and protects your digital assets.

It takes only a few minutes to integrate Symlex Layer. Also, our support team will help you to integrate it with your system.

Feel free to contact us for upgrading your subscription plan. Our support team will assist you.

Currently, we only accept bank payments. We are working to integrate other payment systems as well.

You can log into only 1 device with a single Symlex Layer account.

Create a Customized Cybersecurity Solution for Your Business