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Introducing Symlex Layer

Symlex Layer is a corporate VPN that is meticulously crafted for businesses seeking unparalleled security for their network and digital assets. Developed with the latest tech and design innovated by Symlex VPN, this app empowers you with intelligent remote access and resource management features, ensuring your data remains safeguarded in the dynamic corporate landscape.

Our office is located on Level-7, Shyamoli Square, Mirpur Road, Dhaka-1207

We use AES-256-bit encryption to secure your data. Along with that, we will assist you to set up your own dedicated server to protect your data from any kind of intervention.

In corporate VPN, service provider doesn't provide the server. Your data will pass through your own server to ensure the highest level of security. So, it's up to you how many server you want to configure with your system. However, we will assist you to configure server based on your requirement.

Currently, we only have OpenVPN protocol for Symlex Layer. But, we are working on integrating new protocols. Multiple protocol will be added with Symlex Layer in near future.

Symlex Layer is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Currently, we are not offering this feature. However, we are working on it. Hopefully, you will be able to use it soon.

Symlex Layer Set up guidelines

You can set up Symlex Layer by downloading it from Play Store or App Store. However, if you are a part of an organization, then you need to have your ID and password from the admin of that organization.

Our support team will help you to set up the admin panel of Symlex Layer.

You can create new user from your admin dashboard based on your subscription plan. However, if you face any difficulties, feel free to contact our support team.

You can delete any user from your admin dashboard.

You can change the email of a member from your admin dashboard.

Billing & Payment

A Symlex Layer account cost $7/month for monthly package and $5/month for yearly package. However, you can get customized plan if you want. Feel free to contact us for customized packages.

Currently, we only accept bank payment. However, we are also working on adding new payment methods for your convenience.

We offer 14 days money-back guarantee for our users. However, this may vary depending on packages and offers.

Users’ Guide

You can contact our support team anytime for changing your subscription plans and packages.

Feel free to contact here for support.

You can check your IP and server location from different website on the internet.

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