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A corporate VPN is like a secure tunnel that lets employees access company files and applications, even if they're working from different locations. It keeps all the information safe and private, no matter where they are.

A corporate VPN provides organizations with secure, encrypted access to their network resources. It enhances data security, allows remote work, protects against public Wi-Fi threats, aids in regulatory compliance, and enables global expansion. VPNs also ensure privacy by masking IP addresses, defend against DDoS attacks, and offer cost-effective solutions. They are central to modern business operations, safeguarding data, and enabling secure collaboration.

  • Implement Strong Password Policies

  • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Regularly Update Software and Systems

  • Conduct Employee Cybersecurity Training

  • Perform Security Audits and Assessments

  • Establish a Data Backup and Recovery Plan

  • Employ Network Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems

  • Monitor Network Traffic for Anomalies

  • Limit User Access and Privileges

  • Create an Incident Response Plan

  • Encrypt Sensitive Data

  • Secure Mobile Devices and Remote Work Environments

  • Keep Software Patched and Up-to-Date

  • Vet and Monitor Third-Party Vendors

  • Foster a Security-Aware Company Culture

  • Create symlex layer account

  • Create symlex layer account

  • Create symlex layer account

  • Create symlex layer account

  • Create symlex layer account

  • Create symlex layer account

Learn About Corporate Cybersecurity

In 2022, 800,000 cases were filed to FBI and companies lost around 10 Billion USD due to cyber attacks. Companies like Apple, British Airways, eBay, LinkedIn, etc suffered from significant loses due to cyber attacks. Cyber attacks not only causes financial losses, but also it creates reputational crisis. So, you need to put your concern and invest in cyber security no matter which industry you are working in.

Using a corporate VPN is the most important step to secure your business cybersecurity but it’s not enough. You need to create awareness and educate your employees about cyber security to protect your business from hackers and cyber criminals. Here is a small initiative from Symlex Layer to create awareness about business cybersecurity

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You can create member ID and delete it from your admin dashboard based on your subscription plan. Feel free to contact our support team if you face any difficulties.

Yes, you can check the activity log if you are the admin.

You can change the email of a member from your admin dashboard.

Yes, you can switch between dynamic and static IP if you have multiple server.

You can connect only one device from a single Symlex Layer account. However, you can choose customized subscription plan if you need to use multiple device with a single account. Feel free to contact our support team for more details.

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