About Us

What is Symlex Layer

Introducing Symlex Layer, your ultimate corporate tool that is meticulously crafted for businesses seeking unparalleled security for their network and digital assets. Developed with the latest tech and design innovated by Symlex VPN, this app empowers you with intelligent remote access and resource management features, ensuring your data remains safeguarded in the dynamic corporate landscape.

Our Story

We started our journey in 2016 by developing Symlex VPN which gained remarkable success with over 8 million users from 170+ countries. Over the years, we acquired significant experience in the VPN industry after working with 108+ VPN brands around the world. This vast expertise and experience inspire us to build a business VPN solution that will shield your corporate network with the most advanced VPN technology.


To provide a fast, secure network that protects your corporate digital assets with advanced VPN technology


To establish ourselves as a leading provider of safe, secure, robust corporate network by 2030.

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